Remembering my Grandmother via More Than Words Monthly Challenge

Hello All!

When my grandmother died two years ago, my mother and I were the first ones in her apartment after she died. She very unexpectedly died Christmas Eve morning of old age, her heart finally giving out. She wasn’t sick. Though, she did have a madrid of ailments, she was planning on spending Christmas with her family like she had every year the past 83 years.

Well, you know what they say about making plans.

Her coffee mug from that morning was still out, next to her spot on the couch was a couple of opened christmas cards she had yet to set out. It was heartbreaking but also cathartic at the same time going through her belongings. On her coffee table was a well worn copy of To Kill a Mockingbird, along with a daily bible devotional. In her refrigerator were five, yes five, jars of pickle juice and no pickles, and the bologna sandwich spread I remember having at her house as a child. There were pictures of those she loved everywhere. And in her bedroom was a box  of broken watch parts. Why she kept them is anyones guess, but I could not bring myself to throw them out. They were not worth anything, not monetarily anyhow. So I put them in a bag for me to bring home, along with that worn copy of To Kill a Mockingbird and the devotional. 

Ruby Madalyn French 7/20/1930 – 12/24/2013

I can be dreadfully sentimental. lol

I’ve been wanting to use the watch pieces somehow in my art journal or scrapbook and the opportunity presented itself last week when I saw Marta Lapkowska’s (isn’t she amazing by the way?)  video for her Guest Post over at More Than Words.

This month’s challenge is Moments & Clocks


When I first started working on this page in my altered book/art journal, I knew I wanted to use the picture of Lilacs I’ve had sitting on my desk forever. Then thumbing through my recycled book I use for text I found the words “Yet slower yet, oh faintly, gentle springs”. Here in Michigan especially, one of the first signs of spring is the smell of Lilacs in the air. Spring seems to be taking its pretty little time this year, though. The “Yet slower yet” seemed appropriate. 

Going back to the challenge specifications I realized I had to use clocks in it somehow. My first thought went to my grandmother’s broken watch parts. Choosing one, I attached it to the page and it all seemed to come together. My grandmother loved spring and flowers. I will always associate her with a garden of flowers. 

I did not buy anything new for this page and did not want to. I used what I had, including Lindy’s Stamp Gang Sprays and some gauze. 


As well as Copper Perfect Pearls Mist and Liquitex Golden paint.


And buttons! Have I discussed my love for buttons?? No? Some other time then. 


Twine and strips of muslin.


To dye the muslin and twine I used the Lindy’s sprays. Just spray it onto the fabric and twine, spray some water onto it and rub it in until you achieve your desired effect. 


As usual, there was no rhyme or rhythm to my madness.


I just play with it until I either become bored of it, or actually like the results. 


Ohh! The texture! 


And, finally the words and my grandmother’s broken watch.


Sidenote: The song Goodbye for Now by POD  began to play as I was writing this post. Very fortuitous, considering I have over 40 hours on my Cloud set on random. 

So, love you grandma, goodbye for now. 


10 thoughts on “Remembering my Grandmother via More Than Words Monthly Challenge

  1. You made a very beautiful page, and really precious with your grandmothers watch ! I also like those bold colours you used, it looks great !! Thank you for joining us at More than Words !!


  2. What an inspirational story to this! Your grandmother sounds like she was a wonderful person! Aren’t all grandmothers? I love that you used her watch parts on your page! It’s stunning! Thanks for the background on this! Beautifully done! All the best from MTW! 🙂


  3. Such a sweet tribute to uor grandmother! She looked like a very classy lady! And your creation is textural and so stunning! Thank youi for playing with us at More than Words!


  4. Oh, what a special tribute to your grandmother!! So touching – it makes your art journal spread even more beautiful because of it! Thank you for playing along with us at More Than Words!


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